Chidiya udd..tota udd…maina udd…

Chidiya udd

Chidiya udd
tota udd
maina udd…
gadha udd!

ah are out …you raised your off you go from the group ..lets get back chidiya udd…main ud..kapda on goes the game.

The rules are simple :

Everyone regardless of age sits together in a circle ..keeps their index finger of right hand  in the centre,all the players , in turns call out names of things that fly or potentially fly-clothes ,birds, feather etc.Suffixed with the word uddh..(fly).The children respond each line by lifting their finger from the ground.The catch is when the conductor calls out a name of an object which can  not fly.The players who lift their fingers the ground at that instance are ousted from the circle.

The game is truly well designed: as its rules are simple, low-cost (requires only a place to sit) and can be played by all.Chidiya Uddh is not only a test of your reflexes, but is great fun to play. It has the ability to always bring a giggle on one’s face ,regardless of age.

Played since time immemorial, the history of this game also remains a mystery. If you remember  any of your chidiya uddhh experience, feel free to share.

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